Welcome to my blog. I don't think I have any "blogger bones" in my body but...

My book "Escape From Silk Cotton Forest" should be crossing the Atlantic as I write this welcome note and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.

What started off as an idea for a movie is now a book, which I hope I can make into a movie among other things, eventually. I hope you enjoy your visit.

About the book...

The Kingdom of Ierie is rife with corruption, on the brink of another war and in need of a true leader.

Domino, a rebellious teenage Goan who seeks to avenge his mother’s murder, is the hero of this story. Right now he and his best friend Peenut are having a good time partying in Market Square, in the heart of the El Tucuche Forest.

He has no idea that a State of Emergency will be declared and that it will change his life forever. He also doesn’t know that La Diablesse; the evil ruler of the Silk Cotton Forest, will bewitch him and try to steal his soul and that he will have to battle Douens, Soucouyants and giant Moongazers in his quest for the one thing that can help him and two hundred prisoners escape.

He doesn’t know that he will be mortally wounded and that the Gods would have to intervene and that he will find love and his life’s true purpose. He doesn’t know any of this, so let's not tell him.

Reading Revolution

Escape From Silk Cotton Forest and The Chalice Project - 2 novels written by Francis Escayg and Lisa Allen-Agostini respectively for the 10-16 year old age group, is leading the charge in the Reading Revolution.

These are fantasy/fiction/sci-fi/folklore titles, written and designed to give our young people a healthy entertainment alternative, which would stimulate their creativity, engage their imaginations and allow them to create new worlds. These titles were edited by Joanne Johnson and published by Macmillan Caribbean.

With design and print support from Lonsdale/Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Ltd. we now have the Reading Revolution posters which will be distributed in libraries, schools, pizza parlours and just about everywhere we can expect to find our audience. Stay logged to this blog or you can Facebook me!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maple Leaf International School

Had a blast interacting with these beautiful youths from Grades 7 and 8. They asked a lot of questions, enjoyed the presentation and were into it for an hour and a half. Thank you Gena, Mrs. Hobday and all the staff I met and to Joanne for linking us together.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fear of Flying

Well, from the 2nd March UWI hosted their Campus Literature Week in the main library. Lisa invited me to attend and I read for the first time. Talk about pressure! I was petrified. I was the third person to read and many times during the excellent readings before me, that hollow feeling carved a space in my stomach. I glanced back at the audience in the room, almost in slow motion and I thought of pretending to heave and fall sick and rush past them all, out the library and into the bathroom.

There I would do some Isometrics and build a quick sweat. In the event that someone would venture into the bathroom to check on me, they will find me with glazed-over, bloodshot eyes and drooling like a werewolf - hunched over the bathroom sink with one foot raising slightly off the floor as I wrench my stomach out.

But it just seemed like too much to go through and at some time in the future I will be faced with this fear all over again. So I thought, what better place to buss and fail than on a podium in the University of the West Indies' main library during their Campus Literature Week. At least I'll go out in style. From all reports I think it went well and I look forward to doing it again.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Image is

We are all so afraid of being judged; to be “wrong”, we remain frozen in little tombs decorated in the images of those and that which we emulate, stuck in our own little pitch lakes, trapped by the fear of the voices in pit that if they were to address us in a critical manner, we would burst in shame and spew all of our blame on everything and everyone else!

Go forth and express yourself…without fear.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good News - Early Still

Even though it's early still, the promotion work is ramping up and it seems like the energy radiating out from the effort, is producing some results.

The Head of School from the Brooklyn Charter heard about Escape and felt that the work was important to the students. They placed an order and will make it their Book of the Month when it arrives. I feel really good and encouraged by this gesture.

This news came after a week of sending out e-mails, being interviewed by the Trinidad Guardian newspaper and an early morning TV/radio interview on News Talk 91.1FM. I also found out that small amounts of the book will be available at RIK in time for Christmas, until the bigger shipment arrives in the New Year.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Blogging Welcome

Ahhh.... okay, I was supposed to write a blog? Well here goes. Hi, welcome to my blog. I really wanted to build a website for my book but people owe me money and with all the doom and gloom about world recession, I decided to go for this option. It's free and it works.
The universe knows why things go the way they do. I remember my editor Joanne suggesting to me several months ago "why don't you put up a blog?" and I told her "naahh! I not able with all that...blogging thing", but here I am and I hope to post blogs that will inspire you to come back.
Well, until next time when I have something a little more......what is the word I trying to find? Anyway, google my title and order the book or go to Macmillan Caribbean website. If they say the books still crossing the Atlantic, tell them they sticking!